How Far Has 3D Printing Gone in Home Building?

The concept of 3D printing has evolved a lot in the past few years. The first ever prototype of a 3D printers was introduced during the 1980s and Japanese designer, Hideo Kodama was the first person who made this technology popular among the masses. Then four years later, these 3D printers have become more powerful in terms of speed and it’s versatility.

Evolution of 3D Printing in Building Homes

In the past few years, we have seen many construction companies have prototyped various methods of 3D printing business ideas for creating an affordable houses and customized buildings. Through 3D printing technology or additive manufacturing, these construction controllers or we should say buisness have been able to cut down on various construction and operational costs. Nevertheless, a lot of people are still skeptical about the scalability and efficiency of 3D print technology for building homes.

In this article, we will look at the evolution of 3D printing technology and its role in the construction of homes and buildings.

Budget and Operational Costs

If we consider it’s maintenance and operational costs, it is almost or we should say generally all new technologies and inventions require a high amont of budgeting. Similarly, commercial and industrial 3D printers can be a quite expensive for some while for some it may be just a machine to work on.

As the technology is increasing day by day it is now easy to customise some thing or make changes in it. Gradually, with some continuous ongoing research and development in 3D printing technology or additive manufacturing, more advanced and economical 3D printers were developed. You can find best 3D printer around you but remember that it should be perfect for your work then it will be considered as best 3D printer. Still, the price of a complete 3D printed home can cost up to $10,000!

ICON’s 3D Printed Homes

In the beginning of the year 2018, a construction startup company named ICON collaborated with a non-profit organization, New Story Charity to build an affordable houses for all so that anyone can buy it easily. The house was planned to make through 3D printing technology. Together, they then managed to build a full neighborhood of 3D printed homes. Their main moto was to provide a well maintained accommodation to those who cannot afford proper homes due to the high prices of the houses which is not a piece of cake for a middle class family.

The project was worth $10,000 and was completed in just 24 hours! ICON also plans to cut down the costs even more in near future. Today, their main objective is to assist in the rehabilitation of affectees of tsunami, earthquake and other natural disasters.

The printer used in the construction of the house weighed around a ton. Such printers are believed to reduce various labor and construction costs. Still, a lot of research is yet to be made as there are various technical issues regarding pipelines and electrical cables.

WinSun’s 3D Printed Building

In 2016, a Chinese company Winsun had created a whole building using 3D printing technology or additive manufacturing. The cost of manufacturing was around 140,000 dollars. It was completed in a total of just 17 days.

Living in a 3D Printed House

The first ever people who came to live in 3D printed house was actually a French family. It became a great news of that time as it was happening very first time. They are going to be the best consumer to take feedback of. In today’s time that house is considered as a prototype for the upcoming 3D printed houses. The project took a total of 54 hours to complete and its cost is estimated to be around $226,700.

Future of 3D Printing in Building Houses

Through the examples of the projects we have discussed above, it is quite an evident that it may be possible to build an entire house through 3D printing technology in less time and in almost less budget. So, we can say that the 3D printing technology will be a more superior and sustainable solution for building homes in future and at affordable prices.

The current advancements produced in the world of 3D printing facilitates building only smaller houses as printing of metals through 3D printers is still a challenging task for construction companies. That’s why the main gal of any construction companies is to completely automate the entire construction process.

In order to trace on traditional structures, it is very important to develop one of the best 3D printers that can be used on metal as well as on other materials as we will need more material to build a strong and long lasting house. Moreover, another challenging task is to automate plumbing and electrical tasks. As of now, these tasks have to be performed manually by professionals.

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