Katamari Hats!
(by Xiola @ www.mad-teaparty.net)

my ebay ID is xiola44, and yes, if you saw it around the internet awhile ago, or in the EGM magazine letters section in April 2005, i was the one who made these hats. More recently,Takahashi Keita (creator of Katamari Damacy) has mentioned my hats in Edge magazine (he owns one! thanks to one of my other customers :D!). I have continually made slight design edits to the hats, hopefully the new ones will be better than ever after my long break! :)

[update: may 2007 - new pics and info.] (sorry about the lame webpage formatting!)

if you would like a hat:
i can notify you when i have new hats up for sale! :) please send an email to [madteaparty.net (at) gmail.com] and put "katamari hat notification list" in the subject line or just tell me you want me to put you on my notification list - i won't send you spam unless it has to do with my hats and this site! (really, i'm too disorganized and lazy to send you mail if i don't have to! :p)

if you have questions PLEASE READ THE FAQ below first!!


see more photos at bottom of this page! ^_^

Q: Can you make me an XYZ-coloured hat for next month?
A: Unfortunately the answer is probably no. Why:
- The time I have available to work on these hats varies widely and it is very difficult to me to make commitments for orders in advance.
- Custom colours can be problematic based on my local yarn selection.
There are far, far too many people on my mailing/waiting list to give prefferential treatment to custom orders.
- HOWEVER! I may, very very occasionally, send out an email to the notification list with an offer like "I'll do a custom order for the next 3 people who reply" or something. I hate it but that's the only way to be fair and random because of the size of my mailing list - I can't make hats for 200 people. :(

Q: Can you let me know when you have more hats available?
Yes. Please see the link to my mailing/notification list, above. I will be selling my hats either on etsy or on ebay, so as to give everyone a fair chance.

Q: Will you sell me a pattern?
I don't use patterns myself, and as much as I hate to complain about something like this - it would end up on a free internet site somewhere and I'm really poor and trying to save up rent so that I can go to school again next year. The basic concept isn't too complicated and many people who knit and crochet have figured out how to copy it - I also wouldn't write a very good pattern, because some of my construction techniques aren't really by-the-book standard crochet.

Q: how much do they cost? and/or "I have 50 bucks, can you make me a hat??"
unfortunately, around 75 to 110$. Why? they take at least 8 hours to make. (they used to take 6, but then they used to look a bit messier than the new ones). There is also materials and extra time (such as doing colour-test pieces, etc). I am basing my time on slightly less than what a factory seamstress would make, and without charging for my time i unfortunately cannot make it worth my while and would need to get a second job and could not make any hats at all. :(



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